Aluminum foil packaging in metal packaging era

In recent years, metal packaging stands out in the packaging industry with its advantages, among the metal packaging, aluminum foil packaging is particularly popular with the masses. And it has been the best packaging material in the market. Why does aluminum foil packaging so popular in customers recent years? Insiders pointed out that the following market factors are the key to the rapid development of aluminum foil packaging.

aluminum foil packaging

First, the aluminum foil as a packaging material with light, anti-corrosion, shading, non-toxic and other characteristics, compared to developed countries, per capita consumption of aluminum add with per capita GDP growth, aluminum consumption toward the packaging and transportation areas tilt, the future of aluminum foil packaging development space is very big, especially in food and pharmaceutical packaging. Second, due to consumer upgrades, driven high-level packaging food and drug consumption increased. Food aluminum foil packaging demand growth rate is higher than 20%, the annual new demand of about 30,000 tons. Drug packaging demand growth rate is about 30%, an annual increase of about 20,000 tons. The new demand for cans is 15,000 tons, growth rate is 9%. Demands determine the market, due to the favor of customer, aluminum foil packaging can grow rapidly and has a bright future.

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