Anodized Aluminum Coil for Interior Decoration

Few people are not familiar with interior decoration, but even few can give satisfying answers when asked about materials used in the decoration process. Today let’s talk about one of the most used materials—anodized aluminum coil.

To put an aluminum coil into acid bath solution as the positive pole and have the electrolytic process , we can get anodized aluminum coil. The aim is to get a oxidation film on the surface which improves applying properties of the coil. The coil is most frequently used as ceiling boards for kitchens and washing rooms, because it’s light and corrosion resistant. It’s also used as frames of windows and doors owing to its good degree of hardness. In addition, part (usually doors) or whole body of many cupboards are made of anodized aluminum coil. If you observe more carefully, you will find many other uses of the coil in your home, like knobs of doors, handles of drawers and even decorative parts of your lanterns.aluminum coil

Why is anodized aluminum coil so widely used in interior decoration? First, it can be processed easily. It’s of medium hardness and can be easily bent into shapes as needed. Withstanding continuous punching it’s usually made into finished products without complex surface treatment, which sharply reduces production time and cost. Second, anodized aluminum coil is of satisfying weather resistance. A coil with only 3-micrometer oxidation film can resist color changes, corrosion, oxidation and rust. Thickened films of 10 micrometers or above can even be exposed to sunshine for a long time without changing colors. Third, anodized aluminum coil performs good metal sense. After being anodized, the hardness of the coil can compete with diamonds, which helps to avoid tears even scratched. With natural metal color it gives modern metal sense without being coated with color paintings, which meets the right need for decoration.

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