How much do you know about anodized aluminum coil

The so-called anodized aluminum coil is normally obtained through the following process: Raw aluminum coil is put into a certain kind of electrolyte like sulfate, chromic acid and oxalic acid, performing as the positive pole, and helps to realize electrolyzation under the influence of electric current and certain circumstances.

Why to make aluminum coil anodized?

In the anodization process aluminum coil obtain an aluminum oxidation film of 5 to 20 micrometers, and hard anodic oxidation film can even reach 6- to 200 micrometers. This film can greatly improve relative properties of aluminum coil and remove flaws on its surface. To be specific, anodized aluminum coil has the following advantages. First, it has higher degree of hardness and stronger wearing resistance which can reach up to 250 to 500 kg/mm2. Second, it’s more heat resistant. The melting point of hard anodic oxidation film is as high as 2320K. Third, it boasts good insulativity withstanding a breakdown voltage of 2000V. Fourth, its corrosion resistance is greatly improved, which makes it remain in perfect condition after being exposed to salt fog for thousands of hours. Fifth, the great number of tiny holes of oxidation film can absorb kinds of lubricants, making the coil suitable raw material for engine cylinders and other wear resistant components. Furthermore, the mentioned tiny holes, with strong absorption property, can absorb various color materials, helping forming colorful pictures if needed.anodized aluminum coil

What’s the application of anodized aluminum coil

1. Machine parts;

2. Components of automobiles and aircraft;

3. Precision instrument and radio component parts;

4. Building decoration;

5. Mechanical covers;

6. Lighting parts;

7. Electrical products;

8. Handiwork;

9. Household appliances;

10. Interior decoration;

11. Labels and sign boards;

12. Furniture;

13. Car decoration.

What are the matters needing attention

To get the best effect in anodization of aluminum coil, manufacturers should pay attention to matters below. First, heat rolled coils should be chosen as raw materials, which helps to avoid water ripples on the surface of finished coils that will turn up if cold rolled aluminum coil is chosen as raw materials. Second, time period of anodization should be controlled. The longer the time is, the higher is the cost, and the thicker of the oxidation film,the mainstream thickness of which is 5 to 8 micrometers. Third, if manual anodizating process is applied, the problem of surface scratches should be avoided by taking effective measures.

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