How to Avoid Corrugation and Winkles of Aluminium Foil Roll

In fabricating of aluminium foil rolls, corrugation and winkles remain two similar problems. Then how to avoid the problems effectively?

aluminium foil roll

Corrugation refers to vertical or horizontal creases which you fail to flatten in any way on the surface of aluminium foil rolls. The reason for this is mostly failure in reasonable control of rolling plate during manufacturing process, including incorrect grinding of rollers, wrong choosing of roller types, improper rolling or slitting parameters, deformed base material, insufficient precision of sleeves or core spindles etc. Seriously deformed rolling plate lead to corrugation of foil rolls while they are being rolled or stretched. The root lies in inadequate tension force that fails to flatten the surface. With a rolling device of 20mpa, the size of rolling plate should be kept 301 and below, otherwise corrugation would be unavoidable. Winkles refer to thin sunk or raised lines stretching vertically or irregularly on the surface of aluminium foil rolls. The causes for this are diverse. Overlarge pressure of rollers may lead to uneven pressing or deficient tension force on the rolls. Inappropriate setting of rolling types and low rolling pressure might give rise to the same problem as well. Other possible reasons include uneven thickness, deformation or wrinkled surface of base materials, inaccurate precision or out-of-round shape of rolling shafts, irregular control of rolling pressure etc.

The solution, therefore, lies to avoid operational mistakes mentioned above. One thing worth mentioning is that aluminium foil rolls withstand larger tension force in rolling than in preceding processes, thus a slight problem of dissatisfying shape will turn into bigger problems like corrugation and wrinkles in following slitting and usage periods. Haomei Aluminum manufactures aluminium foil rolls of good quality and price. Welcome to contact us at for more information!

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