Is It Safe to Use Aluminium Household Foil

  To many people tin paper, actually aluminum foil, is an excellent material for wrapping chicken wings, vegetables and beet steaks in baking ovens. It keeps original taste of a food and protects its surface from being over burned at the same time. Therefore, aluminium household foil catches on across the world. The foil is so popular that the question Which Side of Aluminium Household Foil Should Touch Food has actually become hot at the largest search engine in China. However, experts believe that it’s still risky to apply aluminium foil in food baking. Although quality alu foil contains no toxic metals like lead, it tends to give off other heavy metals in cooking acid food, and these metals are likely to do harm to people’s health if taken in continuously. Experts then conclude that they do not recommend aluminum foil in cooking.

aluminium hould foil wrapping food for baking

  If you visit restaurants and supermarkets, however, the popularity of aluminium household foil is beyond experts’ expectation. In a noisy restaurant, we witnessed people baking chicken wings, corn on the cob, oysters and vegetables wrapped in the foil. Many baking boards for sizzling squids are also covered with alu foil. Some squids are wrapped by the foil during the whole baking process and the foil will be torn off by customers. At supermarkets aluminum foil rolls are kept at the same shelf with plastic wraps. Rolls of some brands are printed with words “aluminum paper” and others “tin paper”. The latter is slightly more expensive, and the former has stronger hardness. Supermarket workers say that more and more people are asking them for location of aluminum paper and tin paper.

  Doctors advise not to use aluminium household foil unless you have to. Acid food and seasonings are not suitable to be wrapped by the foil. Long-term baking on a strong fire is not recommendable, either. You can keep a layer of vegetable leaves between the foil and the food to avoid direct contacting of the two.

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