Will Painted Aluminum Coil Sheet Catch on in Furniture Industry

Recently aluminum coil sheet industry has been talking passionately about furniture made of only aluminum coil sheet, which, owing to decorative needs of furniture, is usually painted and thus is called painted aluminum coil sheet. By “paint” we do not mean traditional oil paint applied to wooden furniture, but new types of coatings like PE and PVDF. As a matter of fact, painted aluminum coil sheet has long been a part for domestic usages. Kitchen cupboards and cooking benches occupy the largest share of market, but they can not be included in furniture family if judged by strict “furniture” concept in China. When we mention furniture, we normally refer to closets, sofas, chairs, tables and desks. And the so-called “furniture made of only aluminum coil sheet” includes only closets actually, since it seems that there’s little space for aluminum alloy in other types of furniture. After short excitement, a question people cares about most is: will painted aluminum coil sheet will catch on in furniture industry?

painted aluminum coil sheet

The reason why this new type of closet can takes a share of market is that painted aluminum coil sheet is convenient and environmental. With a density much smaller than other metals, aluminum alloy turn to be the lightest among all metals, yet after being treated, it offers a strength which can almost compete with steel. This mean a thin piece of aluminum coil sheet can withstand as much pressure as a thick piece of wooden board. Therefore, aluminum furniture looks simpler and lighter than that of wood. Besides, painted aluminum coil sheet boasts strong corrosion against moisture, dryness, worms and insects, which is an overwhelming advantage over wooden boards. Last, this new type of furniture, is declared to be exempt from harmful additives since its raw material includes only aluminum alloy.

However, manufacturers still have a long way to go before making the new furniture really catch on. First, they have to make uniform rules to guarantee the industry develop in a healthy way. Copying and unfair competition remain to be big problems for the industry. Second, they should focus on creativity in spite of risk of failure and loss. Simplex design can not attract customers all the time. In fact, painted aluminum coil sheet has given so much aspiration to designers for buildings that it also offers the same opportunity to furniture designers as long as they try.

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