Aluminum roll price

  Aluminum roll price ranges between $2000 and $3700 per metric ton. Specific prices depend on specifications you need, including alloy, thickness, size, surface treatment etc.

  Almost all alloys of eight series can be made into aluminum rolls. Generally speaking, 1xxx aluminum rolls are the cheapest, and 8xxx the most expensive. Regarding thickness, there are two scopes: below 0.2mm and above 0.2mm. Rolls less than 0.2mm thick are known as aluminium foil, the rolling process of which is preciser and more costly. While rolls with a thickness over 0.2mm are called aluminum coil, the maximum thickness of which reaches 8mm. The manufacturing cost of aluminium coil rolls is lower, thus their prices are lower than aluminium foil rolls. The size of an aluminum foil influences its price, too. For example, the maximum width of aluminium rolls is 1600mm, and if you want it larger, you need to pay for extra manufacturing costs.

  Surface treatment proves to be the other biggest factor influencing aluminum roll price in addition to alloys. Common surface treatment methods for alu rolls cover mill finish, mirror finish, anodizing, embossing and color coating, among which mill finish is the cheapest, and mirror finishing and anodizing the most expensive, for they need either time-consuming polishing processes or costly chemical reaction equipment. By comparison, embossing and color coating offer a viariety of decorative choices and acceptable prices. With a price mostly below $3000 per metric ton, these two forms of aluminium rolls take up a large market share either at home or abroad.

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