What is food aluminium foil jumbo roll

Made of flattened metal aluminum, the food aluminium foil jumbo roll is a type of industrial aluminum foil used as a raw material of household aluminium foil and food aluminium packaging foil. It is mainly used in kitchen cooking food, food packaging, or for making materials that can be easily cleaned. Thousands of tons of aluminum foil jumbo rolls are used throughout the world to protect and package food, cosmetics and chemicals. Most of the aluminum foil paper is shiny on one side and hoarse on the other. Food foils can be wrapped on both sides of the foil. It is usually recommended to wrap the shiny surface to enhance the heat transfer.

  The food aluminium foil jumbo roll is usually used for food storage (such as aluminum foil paper tray) or baking bean sprouts, potatoes at barbecues or home. In addition to food packaging, the aluminium foil jumbo roll is sometimes used for decoration, aluminum electrode for electrolysis, perm foil by hair dressers and even oil absorbing paper in soups. The aluminium foil jumbo roll used in paper bag beverage packaging and food packaging is only 6.5 microns thick. This thin aluminum layer is water resistant, savory, anti-bacterial and anti-fouling.
food aluminium foil jumbo roll

  Application in Details

  1. Carrying food: It is very common to hold food in aluminum foil paper tray. Although the aluminum foil paper tray is a disposable tableware, the composition is aluminum, which is less harmful to nature.

  2. Barbecue: Some foods (eg sweet potato, golden mushroom, etc.) must be wrapped in aluminium foil jumbo roll to avoid burning. Wrapped in aluminum foil to burn seafood, golden mushrooms, etc., can retain the umami taste.

  3. Electric hair: Some hair stylists use aluminum foil to wrap their hair to heat their hair and have a good heat transfer effect. Improper hair transmission with aluminum foil can lead to problems such as burns and poor hair quality.

  4. Suction: Open the aluminum foil into a ball and open it to absorb the oil in the soup. The principle is to enlarge the surface tension of the aluminum foil during the process of crumpling the aluminum foil.


  Aluminum foil, like aluminum crucibles, reacts with acids (usually organic acids), while salts of aluminum and organic acids react with gastric acid to form aluminum chloride (AlCl3). Therefore, you should avoid having aluminum foil contacting acidic foods such as tomatoes.

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