Aluminum Roll Used in Lifts

It’s said that aluminum roll can be seen almost anywhere in our daily life. I used to doubt that because I only distinguish things in accordance to their colors. If something is golden, it may be made of copper. If it is silver, it may be made of steel. It never occurred to me that many things, really so many things in our life, are made of aluminum roll, not steel! If you pause and think it for a moment, it’s really understandable that aluminum roll is so widely applied. It’s so much cheaper than steel and of so many satisfying properties. Except hardness, it can compete with steel in almost any respect, which means it can take place of steel so long as there’s no strict requirement about strength. If I’m a manufacturer, I will choose it without doubt!

Aluminum Roll Used in Lifts

A simple example for the wide application of aluminum roll is that when I’m not sure what to write about, I will just scan around my office and the aspiration will come to me. Just now, my computer recommended a piece of news about lifts at the right bottom, so we might as well talk about lifts and aluminum roll today. Before you step into an lift, you usually tread on a metal plate first. This metal plate is called tread plate, which is actually made of embossed aluminum roll to stop possible slip. When you enter the lift car, you may observe people around you, especially when they are attractive. But if there’s no other people but yourself, you can only observe the walls around you. The walls, are also aluminum alloy actually.

If you think we are done about lift talking, you are just normal lift passengers like me. After a little study I have found that a lift has another vital equipment which is usually ignored by passengers—lifter. How can a lift be a lift without a lifter? Yes, the lifter is also made of aluminum roll. But please pay attention that not all lifts are made of aluminum coil like I said. Fancy lifts are made of quality steel. So observe the material of lifts in your office building and you can judge by that if the property sector is reliable enough. Haomei Aluminum, with decades of manufacturing and exporting history, offers  aluminum roll for various needs. We also accept customization for large orders. For details contact us at or wechat/whatsapp 008615838029491.

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