PVDF Prepainted Aluminum Roll for Decoration and Advertising

PVDF prepainted aluminum roll, as a part of color coated aluminum roll,  is widely used in decoration and advertising, for which PVDF acts as PVDF a strong protective layer resisting even UV rays.

PVDF painting can be divided into two types–traditional type and new type. In 1965 American Pennwalt first applied PVDF painting to aluminum rolls for exterior and interior decoration of up-scale buildings. Their design of rich colors and solemn looks added color to grand wall board buildings all over the world. At first, PVDF painting producers gave a guarantee of 10 years’ life-span for their products on aluminum rolls, which later extended to 15 and even over 20 years. A relative American research institution used to leave samples of PVDF prepainted aluminum roll and other so-called super paintings in Florida and other severe conditions for 12 years. The result showed that PVDF painting was 30% more weather resistant.

PVDF Prepainted Aluminum Roll

Owing to its long-standing ability to resistant weather PVDF prepainted aluminum roll is often used in areas with relative requirements. First, it’s widely applied to exterior and interior decoration. Grand public buildings like large convention centers are often featured by their unique shapes and colors, becoming landmarks in many cities. These shapes and colors can be perfectly made using color coated aluminum roll, a great number of which are PVDF prepainted. Many designers also apply the just material to interior decorative walls, producing all kinds of beauty sense. Second, PVDF prepainted aluminum roll is usually used in advertising. Large advertising boards can be seen in streets everywhere. Exposed to natural conditions, these boards requires good weather resistant ability of raw materials. For more information please contact april@aluminumhm.com, leave a message or wechat/whatsapp 0086 15838029491.

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