Application of Aluminum Foil Roll 8011 | Haomei Aluminium

Aluminum foil is among the most popular of aluminum metal products. Owing to the fact that it’s usually made into rolls to meet packing and application requirements, it’s also referred to as aluminum foil rolls. Speaking of the alloy of the rolls, many people would think of 8011. The regular alloys include 8011 and 3003, and aluminum foil roll 8011 does cover a wide range of application.

aluminum foil roll 8011

It’s not exaggerating to say that aluminum foil roll 8011 takes up the whole share of aluminum foil market. The only regular usage of 3003 is as a raw material of food containers. 8011 has the same usage. Further more, it has so many other usages as well. First, it’s usually applied at home for food packing. This type of alu foil is the thinnest of all, only 9 micro thick, and the thickest is below 20 micron. You can use it to wrap food which is to be stored in the fridge, baked at a barbecue or prepared for a picnic. The second largest usage is as the raw material for the radiator or condenser of air conditioners. This is further divided into water-loving and water-hating foils to meet different requirements. The heat conductivity of aluminum is three times of iron but lower than copper, but copper is be much more expensive, and aluminum eventually became the best choice for air-conditioning manufacturers. Cigarette foil and pharmaceutical foil are also made of aluminium 8011. The former is used to wrap cigarette bars together in a case, isolating cigarettes from exterior materials like moisture, and preserving the unique fragrance of cigarettes. The latter is used either as a sealing material of medicine bottles or as a packing material for pills and capsules.

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