Color Coated Aluminum Coil Used for Cans

Color coated aluminum coil is also known as aluminium trim coil. It’s winning increasing popularity with excellent decorative effects in various industries, including electronic products, roofing, wall cladding, ceiling, ropp caps, non-load body of vehicles and containers, advertising panels, traffic signs, cans etc. Speaking of cans made of color coated aluminum coil, most people may think of beverage like coca cola, but they cover a much wider scope than this. Liquid food like eight-bean porridge and traditional can fruit are usually kept in aluminium cans. The cans are also used to pack solid food like milk powder, biscuit etc.

color coated aluminum coil

Aluminium cans are mainly processed from color coated aluminum coil 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100 and 3003. These materials have medium strength among all alloys and are especially suitable for deep drawing. In comparison with other metal materials, aluminum coil boasts good corrosion resistance, light weight, environmental friendliness and low cost. The inner wall of the cans have gone through a special process to obtain stronger corrosion resistance and to prevent the element of aluminum get off the wall surface into contained food. Aluminum is a large-scale applied industrial raw material. Recycled aluminum cans can be put into great use. The overwhelming advantage of aluminum over other metals has been repeated again and again: lower cost, which make it replace other metals in any possible area.

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